Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic held on 8 – 9 October 2021

Seats allocation to parties

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For technical reasons, the names of political parties, political movements, and coalitions are abbreviated in some overviews. Percentage of valid votes is given to two decimal places not rounded off.
The displayed map shows parties with the highest numbers of votes that are leading at the moment.

The Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic in its ruling Vol 102/2021 stated that the withdrawal of the candidature of the candidate No 16 of the SPOLU coalition in the Jihomoravský Region was not valid and it newly determined the order of substitutes of the coalition. The Czech Statistical Office reflected the ruling in the presentation of election results on the volby.cz website; reports for electoral regions in PDF format have been kept on the website. The list of elected deputies remains unchanged.

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