Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic held on 8 – 9 October 2021

Preferential votes for candidates

Region: Jihocesky kraj

Party: Urza.cz: Nechceme vase hlasy; ke svobode se nelze provolit... Jdeme jinou cestou - najdete ji na webu www.urza.cz

Preferential votes for candidates – Party Nevolte Urza.cz – a part 1

Table caption The table displays preferential votes for candidates. A candidate with a seat obtained in the 1st scrutiny is marked by the asterisk sign (*) in the Seat column and a candidate with a seat obtained in the 2nd scrutiny is marked by the double asterisk sign (**). A candidate with a seat obtained based on preferential votes is marked by the plus sign (+) in front of his/her number.
Candidate Preferential votes
surname, first name, degrees age No in %
1 Karnikova Klara Mgr. 36 25 4.71

Total number of votes for the selected party and territory:  530

Data sourcewww.volby.cz
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